HIT Entertainment Online Catalogue 2005/2006
The Three Friends… & Jerry™ 39 x 30’ or 91 x 10’
The Three Friends.. & Jerry

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Three Friends & Jerry is a hilarious series about four ten year old boys who are trying really hard to grow up. Frank, Thomas and Eric are the three friends and Jerry is the new boy in town. Amongst the characters are “the girls”, with whom the Friends are eternally fascinated, led by Frank’s cousin Linda, the stuff that the boys’ dreams are made of!! There is also Jerry’s Dad, who is the new PE teacher at the big school; and he crushes the kids’ heads with medicine balls – well, that’s what they’ve heard anyway! The teenage years may be beckoning, but life is still really about dares, wild exaggerations, showing off and how many gears your bike has got. Sadly for the Friends and Jerry, their ten year old wings are always getting burnt. Its tough being ten!
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