Drawing faces can be hard - so here's a handy Art Attack to help you!

You will need:
  • Pencil
  • Paper
Drawing faces can be very tricky - especially from the side. All those bits going in and out - forehead, nose, lips, chin and so on.
Here's a handy Art Attack tip to remember - ten zig zags!

Here you can see Neil has drawn the basic outline of a face from the side, using only ten zig zag lines.
Add in an eye, and you have the makings of a picture.
Smooth out the zig zag lines and you'll start to see a realistic face emerge.
Add in an eye, eyebrow and nostril...
...and then add in the back of the head, neck and hair.
To draw a girl's face, use the same idea - still ten zig zags, but less jagged.
Round them off, and then add in the rest of the head, neck and hair.
If you do them slightly differently each time, you'll easily get different people...
...with different features.
Each of these was drawn with ten zig zags.

Try it yourself!