Make one of these, then use light to reveal what's inside.

You will need:
  • Pencil
  • Thin card
  • Scissors
  • Black card
  • Thin white paper
  • White pencil
  • Stick glue
Start by deciding which animal you'd like.

Draw it onto some thin card.
Make the animal look really sorry for itself.

Remember to leave room for the x-ray part in the centre.
When you're happy with the drawing, use a pair of scissors to cut it out.

Don't forget to cut out the middle part too!
You should now have something that looks like this!
As well as what's been eaten, on the x-ray you will see everything that's inside, including the skeleton - so that's next.

Place the cut out animal on some white paper.
Draw around the middle part.

This will give you a guide for the start of the skeleton.
Start with the back bone...
...then add in the hip bones...
...followed by the ribs curving out on each side.
When you've finished drawing the bones, you can cut them out.

Rub out any visible pencil lines and you should have something that looks like this!
Next, you need to draw whatever the animal has stuck. In this case, it's a fish bone!

Draw around the middle part of the animal onto some black card.
Design whatever has got stuck - here you can see Neil drawing the fish bone - onto the black card.

Take care to draw within the guide lines.

White pencil is good for this!
When you're happy with the design, start to cut it out.
You now have all the parts ready - the animal's body, its skeleton and something to get stuck.

To get the right x-ray effect, it's important to make sure that you get everything in the right order.
Flip the body of the animal over and pop a thin layer of glue around its tummy.
Take a sheet of thin white paper, cut it to shape and press it into the glue, over the hole.

It's very important that this paper is thin!
Next, stick on whatever object has got stuck.

Use stick glue to secure it carefully into position.
Next, glue the skeleton into position over the fish...
...then flip the whole thing over.
Now you can paint!
When the paint has dried you can simply hold the animal up to the light to see the x-ray...
...or you could pop it on a window and let daylight shine through it.

Try it yourself!