Do you have trouble getting the lettering right on birthday cards? Well, how about a greeting card without any words?

You will need:
  • coloured card
  • felt tips
  • stick glue
Take a piece of coloured card, and fold it in half to create a greeting card shape.
Draw a picture of whatever it is you want to say on a piece of cardboard box card.

Here, Neil's doing a birthday card, so he's doing a big birthday cake. The idea is to draw it to fit onto your folded card.
When you've drawn a design, cut it out, colour it in, and stick it onto your card.

And there it is. Although the card doesn't say anything, the message is obvious - happy birthday!
To make the message even more obvious, why not make some more cakes, and stick them to the card too.

When you're happy with them, glue them into place.
When the glue's dried, you'll have a really stylish greeting card, without any words. You can say other things without any words too - like hearts for Happy Valentine's Day, or even chicks for Happy Easter. And what about pumpkins for Happy Halloween, and finally, lots of Christmassy things for a Christmas card.

Try it yourself!