Make a Christmas Card that wobbles!

You will need:
  • Card
  • Clear plastic strip
  • Decoration materials (paint, felt tips etc)
Fold a piece of card in half, like this.

You can leave it plain, or decorate it if you like.
Make a card character that will wobble or dance on the front.

It needs to be smaller than the folded card all the way around.
To make the character wobble, you'll need a 10cm x 2cm strip of clear plastic.

You can either cut one from a plastic drinks bottle, or cut a strip from a clear plastic margarine lid.
Use sticky tape to strip one end of the strip to the back of the wobbling character so that some of it sticks out above.
Carefully cut a little slit in the front of the folded card, like this.
Slot the other end of the plastic strip through the hole.
Use more tape to stick that end to the inside of the folder card.
Now bend the plastic a bit, to get the wobbler into position.
And wobble away! What a great Christmas card to make someone.

Try it yourself.