Do you ever get so angry you want to blow your top? Push someone around, throw a wobbler… well here you can make one of these wobblers!

You will need:
  • balloon
  • newspaper
  • cereal box card
  • scissors
  • PVA glue
  • water
  • paintbrushes
  • modelling clay
  • acrylic paint
To make your wobbler, take a balloon, blow it up as big as you want, and place it into a bowl so that it stands upright.
Mix some PVA glue in equal parts with water, and slosh it onto your balloon.

Tear up small pieces of newspaper, stick them onto your balloon, and paste over them.
Continue up to the neck, and cover the balloon in four layers of this papier-mâché mixture.

Leave it to dry. It should be rock hard.
Now the good bit - take your scissors and carefully pop the balloon.

Shake out the bits of balloon inside.
Trim the top, as you need to make it big enough to get your hand in, and get rid of any sharp edges.
Roll a lump of soft modelling clay into a ball, and drop it into the base of the balloon for a weight. Carefully get your hand in and squash the clay down. You can put a bit of glue inside if you want to stick it into place. Now test your wobbler to make sure it stands up every time.
Start adding features to your wobbler.

For a nose, take some newspaper, mould it into a comic nose shape, and tape it securely to your wobbler.
Cut out two arm shapes using cereal box card, and tape them onto your wobbler.

You can bend them into shape when you’ve stuck them on too.
For the hair, you need around ten twists of newspaper. Stick the end of each twist to the opening of your balloon. Tape them one or two at a time.

Bend the strands of hair over into shape.
When you’ve taped them all securely, you’ll have a wobbler with hair.
For the cap, cut some cereal box card into a peak, making sure that the end of it is roughly the same shape as the opening to your balloon.

Tape it into place.
Screw up a ball of newspaper, about fist size, and tape it to the top opening of the balloon.

This will seal your wobbler, and finish off his hat.
Now it’s time to make him tough! To do that, cover the hat, the nose and the top of the arms where they join the body with another layer of papier-mâché. This will seal all the joints.

Leave it to dry.
Draw on some eyes and a mouth, and then paint your wobbler using acrylic paint (or poster paint with some PVA glue mixed in). And there you have it - your very own wobbler to push around next time you’re angry!

Try it yourself!