Here's a good Art Attack you can hang in any room, which will turn into a room with a view. And the good thing is, you create the view - whatever view you like!

You will need:
  • a big piece of cardboard box card
  • boxes (from toothpaste or cling film)
  • PVA glue
  • sticky tape
  • newspaper
Select a big piece of cardboard box card.

You can get good boxes from your local supermarket or even the corner shop.
To make your window frame, collect some long empty cling film, tin foil or toothpaste boxes.
Glue around the edge of your cardboard.
Then stick your boxes around the edge of your cardboard. You could use tape for this too, but that's a bit harder.

It doesn't matter if you overlap the edges, but don't put any along the bottom, because this is where you put the windowsill.
For the windowsill, you will need lots of boxes.

Deeper boxes are ideal, like cereal boxes, but you can always use shoebox lids.
Add glue along the bottom, and stick on your boxes.
Cut two strips of cardboard box card, about 2cm wide.
Put the strips down the middle to form a cross, like this.

Stick them down with glue.
For the curtains, take two open double pages of newspaper, and loosely concertina them.

Tape around both ends of the newspaper.
Then you need to billow them, to create a puffed out curtain effect.
Tape the ends onto the frame, using lots of tape.
To make the bottom part of the curtain, take another double sheet of newspaper and bunch it together at the top so you get a sort of fanning effect.
Tape this down underneath the first piece to complete the curtain.
Cut a piece of card, and just wrap it around the join to make it look like a curtain tieback.

Then make another curtain in the same way, and stick it onto the other side.
To make your curtain pelmet along the top, slop some PVA glue along the top boxes. Fold a double page spread of newspaper in half, and lay the left hand edge on the left hand side of the glue.
As you lay the rest of the curtain down, just bunch it up like this as you go along, to create a ruffled curtain effect.
Do this all the way along with more folded paper, and leave to dry.

Paint your curtains whatever colour you like - in this case, Neil has done yellow with pink polka dots.
Decide what view you want through your window, and just draw it in.

Do whatever you like - a countryside scene, a mountain scene, a sports scene, anything!
Finally paint the view using poster or acrylic paint. Tape some string on the back, and hang it up on the wall.

Try it yourself!