Here's an Art Attack for an authentic-looking Wild West Wanted Poster!

You will need:
  • Coffee powder
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • White A3 paper
  • Black pen
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
First, you need to make the poster look old.

So, mix up a teaspoon of coffee powder in some cold water.
Brush the mixture onto a sheet of white A3 paper.
Go over the whole sheet, and leave it to dry completely.
Next, carefully tear down each edge of the paper.

This will add to the old-fashioned look.
Curl up one corner...
...and then crease up the whole sheet.
This should leave you with something that looks like this!
Next you need to decide who you want to put in the poster, and what crime they've committed.

Maybe it's a younger brother who's borrowed a CD without asking, or a dad who dances embarrassingly at parties!
Whatever you choose to write, you need to do it in Wild West style lettering.

So, at the top of the poster, sketch out the word "WANTED" in bold capital letters.
To make the letters look typically Western, add rectangular blocks onto the ends of each letter.
When you've done all the letters, colour them in black.

Use a chunky felt tip or marker for this.
Use the same technique for the writing at the bottom of the poster, but make it much smaller.

Think up a comedy name that sounds cowboy-like...
...and don't forget to add in a hefty financial reward for their capture!
Next, you need to draw in the subject of the poster.

So, draw an egg shape lightly in pencil, in the centre of the poster.
Add in features around the egg shape, in pen.

Start about a third of the way down the egg with the curved brim of a cowboy hat.
Next, add in the main part of the hat...
...then frame the sides of the face with hair and sideburns.
Draw in a high-collared jacket and a neck scarf, so that all the edges of the egg shape are covered.
Now shade in the picture, using the crosshatching technique.

To do this, simply draw lines in one direction, then go over them with lines in the opposite direction.
When you've finished crosshatching, cut out the blank area of the egg shape where the face will be, and you should then have something that looks like this.
All you have to do now is find a photo of the person you want to put in the poster.

Make it the right size by enlarging or reducing it on a photocopier or scanner. Make the copy black and white.
Age the picture by brushing more of the coffee power and water mixture all over.
When the picture has dried, position the face in the frame...
...then tape it in place!
That completes the poster! Now you can hang it up.

This one also has a couple of punched bullet holes and drawn stars.
Here are some other ideas for posters. This one features Naughty Uncle Peter...'s light fingered Lou Lou...
...Fuss Pot Farrington...
...and Big Mouth Betsy!

Try it yourself!