Have you ever though of doing a silhouette in white, rather than in black?

You will need:
  • paper plate
  • blue coloured paper
  • glue
  • white paper
  • scissors
  • old magazines
  • pencil
Take a paper plate, and cut a circle of blue paper to fit inside the middle of it. Add some glue on one side, and stick it firmly into the middle of the plate. If you havenít got blue paper, you can always paint it instead.
Next, create a silhouette picture to put on the blue central part. The easiest way to do this is to cut picture or photos from old magazines that have really bold outline shapes that you can cut out easily. Choose the one you want.
Cut the picture out to get your silhouette, then take some white paper and draw around it onto your paper.
Cut it out.

Put some glue on the back, and stick it into place on the blue in the middle of the plate. And there you have an old-fashioned white silhouette effect.
You can try other pictures too. How about your favourite sports hero, or an animal? You can even turn the plate over, and do it on the back, or use different shaped paper plates.

Try it yourself!