Guarantee yourself a white Christmas by making everything white!

You will need:
  • plain white paper
  • glue
  • sticky tape
  • scissors
To guarantee your own white Christmas and save yourself lots of money on posh Christmas wrapping paper, just collect ordinary white paper, white plastic carrier bags, white crepe paper, and ordinary white drawing paper.

If you've any wrapping paper lying around that you don't like, just use the back because that's usually white as well!
How about making some Christmas wrapping "peeper," instead of paper. This is wrapping paper that you can peep through.

Don't worry - you can't see the presents underneath. It just looks fantastic.
Wrap a present in the normal way with plain white paper.
Take another sheet of thin white paper, big enough to wrap your presents in.

Crepe paper is perfect for this.
Fold one edge over about 2cm.

Turn the whole thing over, and fold it over again, back on itself, by about 2cm.
Fold it over again, and fold it back on itself again by about 2cm.

Keep folding this concertina all the way to the top of your paper.
Cut two diagonal slits along one edge near the end.

Cut a longer one, a diagonal slit, and then a shorter one next to it.

Don't go all the way across your paper otherwise you'll cut it off!

Move along and cut another two diagonal slits. Keep going all the way along your folded paper.
Open it out, and you'll have lots of triangular shapes.

Use it to wrap around the present you wrapped in white earlier.

Do it very carefully because you don't want to rip any of those triangular designs!
Tape it neatly, then fluff up those triangles so that you can peep through them and see the white paper underneath.
To make the fancy rosette, cut a thin strip of white paper about a ruler's length and 1cm wide.
Spread some glue in the middle.

Fold one end to the middle into the glue and press it down.
Put some more glue on top.

Fold the other end into the middle, on top of the first glued down end, so that you have a double loop.

Hold it in place until it's almost dry. Leave to dry completely.
Make four in the same way.
Then make four more, slightly smaller than the other four.
Then another four, even smaller still.

Each time make them out of slightly shorter strips.
Starting with the bigger loop, put some glue on it and then place another one across it.
Dab another bit of glue on, and then add another loop across it until you've used all your larger loops.

Then do the same with the smaller double loops.
Each time, just place one double loop on top of another, with a dab of glue between them.

Build the whole thing up, ending up with the smallest loops in the middle.

You might need to keep your finger in place to hold them, because you don't want the whole thing to spring open!
Make a single loop to finish it off.
Leave it to dry, and you’ll have something that looks like this - your fancy rosette!
To make a crinkly bow, cut another strip of white paper, about a ruler's length, only this time it needs to be about 10cm wide.
Then cut another piece that's slightly smaller both length and widthways.
Crinkle them up.
Take the big piece and open it out.

Fold one end back to the middle and then the other end back to the middle.

Push them in the middle and gather them together.
Push it into a bow shape and tape it in the middle.

Wrap the tape all the way round.
Take the smaller piece and wrap it around the middle, hiding that tape, to create the middle of the bow.
Tape that into place on the back.
Take another ruler-sized piece that you've crinkled up and scrunch it up.
Bend it into a point and tape it to the back of your bow.
Fluff it out a little bit and there's your fancy bow!

Use your rosette and bow to really jazz up your Christmas presents.

It is amazing what you can do with bits of scrap paper to create fancy Christmas wrapping.

It really is a white Christmas.

Try it yourself!