Ever wanted to have an alien growing out of your t-shirt? Here's a gruesome Art Attack!

You will need:
  • A black plastic bin bag
  • Newspaper
  • Acrylic paint
  • PVA glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Permanent marker
  • An old t-shirt

  • and

  • Permission from an adult!
Start with what the alien is attached to. You'll need a black plastic bin bag for this.

Carefully cut it in half. It's the top part you want, the part that opens. You don't need the other piece, so recycle it.
The bin bag will now have two openings, one at the top and one at the bottom.

Cut down one side and open it out, to make one long strip of black plastic.
It's a good idea to make sure that the strip of plastic fits around your waist.

Wrap it around yourself to make sure that it does.
Next - the alien!

Lay the plastic strip out, and scrunch up some newspaper into a small parcel shape. Tape it to the middle of the strip. This will make the alien's belly!
Then scrunch a smaller ball of newspaper on top for the head.

Tape this on.
The alien's eyes are small balls of newspaper (roughly the size of a golf ball) with small twists of newspaper attached to them for stalks!
Make three of these and tape them to the top of the head.
Bend a long twist of newspaper round into a mouth shape and tape that under the eyes.
You could even make small teeth out of cardboard if you like.

You'll need double-sided tape for this.
Next, tape four stubby newspaper sausage shapes together, to make some hands.
Tape the two hands to the alien's body.
Remember to use lots of sticky tape to keep everything firmly together, and to keep your alien attached to the plastic strip.

When you've finished you should have something like this. Now to paint!
Paint using acrylic paints.

Use alien shades of purple...
...fluorescent orange lips...
...white for the eyes...
...and add on some pink spots to the skin.

The more weird it looks, the better!
When you've finished painting and the paint has dried, slop on some PVA glue mixed with water to give it some extra strength.
When you've finished you should have something that looks like this. The PVA glue dries clear and hard, making it stronger with a shiny, slimy finish!

For the final stage you need to find an old t-shirt. Make sure you that get permission from an adult for this part!
Now to get it to burst through your t-shirt!

Tie the alien around your waist...
Then put your old, baggy t-shirt on over it.
Feel where the head of the alien is and make a mark over that spot with a permanent marker.

Then take the t-shirt off again.
Lay the t-shirt down, and carefully make a hole where the mark is. Be careful not to cut right through to the back of the t-shirt and, of course, mind your fingers!
When you've snipped a hole, open it up just enough to pull the alien through so that it looks like it's bursting through your t-shirt.
As a finishing touch, paint on some green slime with acrylic paint.

Have it dripping from the hole where your alien is bursting through!
When you put it on it really does look as if the alien is lurking under your t-shirt!

One of these would look great as a fancy dress costume.
Or how about this one? Be a cyborg by making some mechanical bits using bits of packing like sandwich boxes, coffee cup lids and straws.

All you then need to do then is paint them a metallic silver colour.

Try it yourself!