Want to make this, er, What-ever-he-is?

You will need:
  • Newspaper
  • Sticky tape
  • PVA glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Kitchen roll
  • Paint
For the body of the What-ever-he-is, scrunch up some newspaper into a large pear shape.
Use lots of sticky tape to keep the shape together.
For the legs, take three sheets of newspaper and, starting at the short side, roll them into a long sausage shape.

Again, use lots of tape to keep the shape.

Make another in the same way.
Take one of the legs and tape one end to the underneath of the body.
Fold it in the middle to make a knee joint.

Use sticky tape to hold it in position.
Do exactly the same with the second leg.
For the arms, make two shorter bent sausage-shaped rolls of newspaper.
Hold them against the top of the body and tape them into place.
You should now have something that looks like this!
To make a hand, roll up four small sausages of newspaper.

Tape three of them together for fingers.
Tape the fourth to one side for a thumb.
Make a second hand in the same way.

Tape the hands to the ends of the arms, making sure that the thumbs are on the inside.
For the feet, make a padded-out triangle shape for the main part of the foot.
The toes are just four balls of newspaper stuck to the triangle shaped foot.

Each one is slightly smaller than the last.
Tape the foot in position.

Make a second in the same way, and tape that into position too.
Next, make a small ball of newspaper for a neck, and stick it on using more tape...
...and for the head, scrunch four or five sheets of newspaper into an oval-shaped ball.

Tape it together.
Tape two ping-pong balls to the top of the head for eyes.
Scrunch up a small sausage of newspaper and wrap it over the top of the eyes to make eyelids or eyebrows, and tape it into position.
For ears, make some newspaper triangles...
...and tape them into position on the side of the head.
Make another, longer triangle...
...and tape it to the front of the face to make a beak-like top lip.
The bottom lip is just another rolled-up sausage of newspaper taped underneath the triangular bit that you've just added.
Finally, add a small ball of newspaper for a nose.
When you're happy with the head, tape it onto the body.
You should now have something that looks like this.
If you like, you can press a pencil into the model's tummy to make a belly button!
What-ever-he-is now needs some skin, so mix some PVA glue half and half with water, and use it to paste pieces of kitchen roll all over the model.
Cover the entire model - but avoid the ping-pong ball eyes!
When the paper mache dries it will be very hard and ready to paint.

Use whatever colours you like. This one is going to be green.
Remember to pick out pupils on the ping-pong ball eyes with black.
You can make your What-ever-he-is posed in any way you like.

This one is relaxing, reading a magazine...
...this one is bouncing on a bed...
...this one is sitting in quite contemplation...
...and this one is climbing up shelves!

Try it yourself!