Most of the time you don't want colours to run - but for this Art Attack, you can use it to produce a really good effect.

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Watercolour paint
Take a pencil and very lightly sketch the outline of what you want to paint.

Whatever you decide to draw, it only needs to be the outline; you don't need to do any details at all. Make sure you have completed the shape so that it's solid with no gaps.
When you're happy, paint it... with blobs!

Start by painting on plain water. Use a small brush, going into all the shapes and corners of your design.
Then, while it's still wet, load up a brush with watercolour and dab or blob the colour into the water of the picture.
The colour spreads in the water - but only goes to the outline.
Now pick another colour and do exactly the same for another part of the design, blobbing it on.
The colours will start to mix - and make other colours.
It doesn't matter if you don't use realistic colours here because it all adds to the effect.
You could even add more water to the design if it starts to dry off before you get round to painting it.

Just keep dabbing on different blobs of colour until you've completely filled the design.
The colours mix together really well because the design is still wet.
If you want to add more detail to the picture, let your design dry slightly, load up your brush and again, dab the colours on.

This time, because it's drier, it won't mix so much with the neighbouring colours. These spots give a dragon scales effect.
When you've covered the whole of your picture and it's dry you'll have something that looks like this.

If you like, you can rub out all of the pencil guidelines so that you're just left with paint.
They come out different every time, because of the colour mix.

How about this underwater design?
Or this great parrot!

Try it yourself!