Here's a clever way of making a great looking print - without doing any printing at all!

You will need:
  • Crayons
  • Watercolour paint
Decide what style of print you're going to do. This one's going to be an old-fashioned illustration style that you might find in an old storybook.

Start by drawing a simple rectangle, slightly curved, around the page. Prints often have a border, so that's what this is for.
This is going to be a simple countryside scene, with nothing too complicated or detailed.
If it's simple, it will also look quite old-fashioned anyway.
Some details on the hills in the distance, maybe?

Not too much though!
Here's a good little trick - just add some small dots to the hillside to look like like sheep or cattle.
It doesn't look like a print yet, but just wait and see what happens!

But first, add in some shading on the edges, like on the tree, the stones and the gate.
There's the picture, but it's not finished yet. Next, add a printed ink effect using watercolours.

Pick a colour, add some water and load it up onto your brush.
Paint it onto your picture, and the wax crayon will resist the paint, and the lines show through.
Paint over all the lines and shaded areas, and you get a fantastic grainy effect.
You can use any colours you like, but here we're using greens and a little bit of yellow in the sky for an old-fashioned effect.
There you have it - a printed style, without doing any printing.
You can try this sort of print in different styles: this one with dark reds and brown paint.
Or this sort of tropical print using black wax crayons and lots of colours.

Try it yourself!