With this technique you can get your Christmas cards to send the greetings themselves - by getting them to wave!

You will need:
  • Card
  • Colours for your picture
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Glue
  • Ruler
First, fold a piece of card in half.
On the inside, draw in your Christmas scene.

This is a classic snowy scene with a tree, a fence, a robin and a house.
Then, on another piece of card, draw whoever you want to sent your Christmas greeting. You might want it to be a snowman, or Santa, or an elf.

This cartoon snowman is going to send the greeting for this card. But there's something missing...
... he hasn't got an arm!

That's the clever bit. Draw the arm separately, and add on an extra bit at the end like this. You'll see why in a moment...
Colour these in and cut them out.

You'll be left with a snowman and a separate arm to wave!
Now you need to bring all of these bits together.

Cut a strip of card that's about five centimetres high and ten centimetres wide.
Draw a line a little way in from the left and right edges, roughly a centimetre in.
Then draw another line just in from that left hand line. Measure a couple of centimetres down this line and make a dot.
Then make another dot a couple of centimetres away from the line on the top right...
... and make another dot on the other side.
Join these dots to make a triangle.

You're going to be folding all of these lines except the line inside the triangle.
The best way to do that is to score along all of the lines first. To do that, first carefully wrap some sticky tape around a pair of scissors to keep them closed.
Then, run the tip of your scissors down the line, guiding yourself along it with the edge of a ruler.
This will give you a perfect fold.

Score all of the lines, except the line inside the triangle, in this way.
When you've scored all of the lines, push the triangle away from you and the sides meet, creating a sort of hinge.
Like that!
Then fold in the side flaps.
Dab some glue along both of the side flaps.
Stick your hinge into your card. It's important when you do this to line up this right hand point of the triangle with the middle of your card.
It's a good idea to check that it works while the glue is still wet because you can always adjust it before it dries if it doesn't.
The last thing to do is to put your snowman and his arm into your scene.

Put a dab of glue on that extra bit of arm and stick it to the left hand side of the hinge.
Put some glue on the right hand side of the hinge and then put your snowman on it.
And there you have a Christmas snowman sending out a greeting for you!
You can write your message and design on the front like this.
And you don't have to do a snowman. How about Father Christmas sending out a greeting?
Or even someone opening their Christmas present!

Try it yourself!