A simple Art Attack tip for adding water, shape and reflection to your drawings.

You will need:
  • Pen
  • Paper
How do you draw water?

The answer is you don't - you draw the shape of it and the reflections in it. Just think "shape and reflections."

Here's the shape of a small puddle...
...adding in two lightly drawn lines added at the top and bottom gives the impression that they are the reflections on a shiny water surface.
You can use the technique to include the reflections of anything that's standing in the water, or floating on it.

Here's a dog and his owner...
...and an unexpected puddle!
So, once again, two lightly drawn lines at the top and bottom give the impression of water.
You can even add in the dog's reflection, and a few splashes.
For a pond or lake, draw in the shape of the lake...
...the reflections....
...and if the water is still, draw light rings around whatever is standing in it!
If you're drawing the sea, draw the horizon followed by the shape of the shoreline...
...followed by the reflections.
For a slightly rough sea, just draw lightly drawn lines in the distance, and make them further apart as they get nearer to the foreground. As they get really close, hint at the traditional up and down wave shape!
For a really rough sea, just do big waves, one behind the other. Make them nice and big. Really rough sea, and it's so rough that the reflection of the boat is all chopped up.

Try it yourself!

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