Have fun splashing some paint around, and make a waterfall picture!

You will need:
  • White paper
  • White crayon or a candle
  • Blue and green poster paints
Take a white wax crayon - or a candle - and some white paper.

Simply make bold, scribbly strokes in a curve going from the top to the bottom of your page.
Then, at the bottom of the paper, scribble around in messy circles.
Next, take some watered down poster paint and paint it on in the same direction as your curves...
...and suddenly, a waterfall starts to appear!
Especially when you add the water crashing down at the bottom!
Then, add in a small amount of green, and the wax crayon resists the paint, giving you a fantastic watery effect.
Leave it to dry, and when it's ready, you can add on extra details.

How about this daredevil canoeist?
Or maybe some fish jumping?
Or this mad diver?

Try it yourself!