How do you create an underwater picture without actually getting wet?

You will need:
  • a plastic bag
  • permanent marker pen
  • paper
  • blue and green ink (or watered down poster paint)
Take a piece of paper, and draw silhouette shapes of fish, or other underwater creatures.

Draw them as if you are underneath them.

Do as many or as few as you wish.
Draw some seaweed in the corners, to add to the underwater effect.
When youíve finished drawing your scene, youíll have something that looks like this.
Next, mix some blue and green ink with water, making it quite thin.

You can also use watered down poster paint for this.
Take the plastic bag and scrunch it up into a ball, and dip it into the paint or ink.

This can be messy, so be careful!
Dab the bag onto the picture - starting near the middle, and going in rough circles around the underwater creatures.
Make sure that you leave a gap at the middle. This is to make it look like the sun is above the surface, shining down through the water.

Keep going out towards the edges, making the paint slightly thicker by doing a couple more layers on top.
And you should end up with something like this.

You can try different silhouettes, too.

An underwater picture, and you didnít even get wet.

Try it yourself!