With this Art Attack, you can have your own Underwater Pet!

You will need:
  • Modelling clay
  • Plastic lid
  • A clean jar with a lid
  • Permanent marker
  • Acrylic paint
  • Scissors
  • Paper
Find a clean jar with a lid.
Take a ball of modelling clay and mould it into a rough disc shape, about a couple of centimetres thick.
Press it down into the bottom of the jar with your fingers. It's fiddly, so you might need to get an adult to help you.

The modelling clay becomes the sea bed, so it doesn't have to be neat.
Now you need to design the underwater pet.

Here's a cartoon shark. Whatever pet you design, it must be small enough to fit into the jar.

If you like, you can also design some other items of decoration like the treasure chest and seaweed here.
The designs on paper can't go in the jar as they are because they'd eventually turn mushy in the water.

So you need to collect some plastic see through packaging. Plastic lids are absolutely perfect.
Place a plastic lid over the design and trace over it. Make sure that you use a permanent marker for this, so that the ink doesn't run when it gets wet.
Then turn the lid over and paint all the parts using acrylic paint.

Acrylic paint doesn't run in water!
Neil used turquoise and light blue to paint the shark.
When you've finished painting, and the paint has dried, you'll have something that looks like this when you turn it over!
Carefully cut everything out.

It's very important to leave a long strip of plastic at the top of the pet!
Then arrange everything in your jar, pressing them firmly down into the modelling clay.
Another good tip is to press bits of green thread into the modelling clay to represent seaweed.

If you find it too fiddly, use a pencil as a tool to help you.
Take the pet, and tape the plastic strip to the middle of the lid.
Fill the jar with water...
...then then put the lid back on.

Because you taped your pet to the lid, it appears to be swimming!

That's it - finished!
Here are some other great pets you can try.

This one is an octopus.
And how about this one, with a whole shoal of fish?

Try it yourself!