Do you like scary movies? The kind with creepy 300-year old zombies coming out of graves? If you do, you'll like this Art Attack!

You will need:
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Wax Crayons
Draw out a rough sketch of your face in pencil. It doesn't have to be very accurate!
Now take a black felt pen.

A zombie's hair will be anything but neat, so go crazy with your pen to create a really scruffy hairstyle!
The teeth will have gone bad and some will be missing. Colour some teeth in black to show that they've fallen out.

You can even add a few scars and warts to the face, and how about a loose eyeball, too?
Why not add a couple of bolts in the neck, like Frankenstein's monster!
The skin will have started to flake and fall off, and there would probably be a few boils here and there!
The clothes will have torn after such a long time, so draw a few tears in them.
Next, to colour the skin you need wax crayons.

Choose a light, but sickly shade of green!
Don't forget to colour the skin green where it shows through the rips in the clothes.
Around the wrinkles, ears and eyes, use a darker shade of green to add contrast to the skin.
Colour the scars in red to look like blood, and colour the teeth a sickly shade of yellow!
The neck bolts would be rusty, so choose a rusty brown for them.
It's looking good, isn't it?
Colour the hair any colour you like...
...and finally don't forget to add a little brown to the clothes because after 300 years in the ground your zombie wouldn't be too clean!

Try it yourself!