Make a themed bin for your room.

You will need:
  • Balloon
  • Bowl
  • Sticky tape
  • Newspaper
  • PVA glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint
  • Cardboard box card
  • Coloured tissue paper
  • Scissors
For the main part of the cauldron, you need to paper maché a large balloon.

It's a lot easier if you put the balloon, knot down, into a bowl, and secure it in place with a couple of pieces of tape to keep it steady.
Brush on some PVA glue mixed with a little water.

Then paste on some ripped-up pieces of newspaper.
Paste a couple of layers all over the top part of the balloon.
When it's dry, you can pop the balloon!
Trim off all of the edges, to give yourself a cauldron shape, like this.
Next - details!

To make the rim around the top of the cauldron, roll up a couple of sheets of newspaper...
...and bend it around the top edge.

Tape it into position as you go.
Next, cut a kitchen roll tube into three equal lengths for the legs...
...then stuff a ball of newspaper into each piece of tube. Tape the ball into place, to make rounded feet!

Stick the feet onto the underneath of the cauldron, so that it stands up!
Other detail can be cut from cardboard box card - like a plaque with your initial on.
And how about a handle?

For this, stick a card triangle to either side of the cauldron...
...then make a thin twist of newspaper and stick the ends to the triangles using more tape.
Next, take more PVA glue mixed with water, and use a paintbrush to paste a layer of kitchen roll all over the cauldron - inside and out.
This will make everything really solid, and will seal over all the joins.
When it's covered, and dried, it'll look something like this.
Next, you can paint the cauldron.

Start by giving it a coat of black paint.
When the black paint has dried, take a dry brush and dip it into some silver paint.

Just lightly brush it over the cauldron.
The silver paint picks out all the texture and detail.
You can even add some green, too, to give a tarnished effect.
When the cauldron is painted, it really looks like it's made from iron!
To make the lid, measure the width of the inside of the cauldron...
...then draw a horizontal line onto some cardboard box card.
Now draw a second line that's the same length vertically, to make a cross.

Use this as a guide to roughly draw a circle.
Cut the circle out and trim any bits so that it fits snugly.
Next, cut out a spoon handle shape from some cardboard box card, and paint it.
Fold the end over, and tape it to the lid.
Scrunch up some coloured tissue paper and glue it to the lid to give the effect of a bubbling potion.

You don't have to be neat with this!
For extra detail, you could add some gruesome eyeballs made from ping-pong balls...
...and some pipe cleaner worms!
And if you have them, add on some plastic creepy crawlies!

When you're happy, just glue everything into place.
That's it - you can use the cauldron as a bin!

Try it yourself!