Batten down the hatches and draw a tornado that's just ripped through a farmer's field.

You will need:
  • paper
  • wax crayons
Draw this shape - which looks like a path through fields.
Add in the grass with some horizontal shading of a green crayon - and then go over it slightly with black.
Add in the grass along the side of the path, which has been blown sideways by the tornado.
Now for some fences, or rather some broken fences, where the tornado has ripped through.

Add in black shading underneath the fence too.

A telegraph pole also adds to the effect. You can use the back edge of crayons to create really thin lines.
Now for the tornado. This is the basic shape, so itís easy to draw.
Add in some shading along the edges.
Now for some swirling clouds, going around the top of the twister - just curving around the top.

Get your wax crayon going to create those swirls!

Chalk or pastels are also good for this.
Add trees and houses in the distance, and shade in the rest of the sky, and there you have it - a tornado scene!

Try it yourself!