Do you sometimes get fed up with your room? Then give it a special makeover with this Art Attack!

You will need:
  • Cardboard box card
  • Paint
  • Black felt pen
  • Scissors
First, you have to design.

To do this, start with a rough sketch of the layout of your bedroom.
Then lie a piece of tracing paper over the sketch and try out different designs.

How about a splat on the floor and lettering on the wall using cartoony woods like "WOW" and "BANG"!
You could also lie on cut out drawings to see how they would work, like these arms, legs and cartoony words.
You could always copy designs from comics or look at them for inspiration.

Now you need to turn the drawing into reality...
To do cartoon words, draw with a pencil onto a sheet of cardboard box card.

Keep the letters big, bold and thick, like this. You can overlap the letters slightly.
Then, to make it more cartoony, draw a shadow around one side of the letters, keeping a couple of centimetres away from the original lines.

This makes them look 3D!
When you're happy with the word, cut it out.
Paint it using bright cartoon-like colours.
When the paint has dried, you can stick it on a wall with sticky tack.

If you go around the outside of the letters with black pen you'll give it a proper cartoon effect.
You don't have to make the letters all at once. You could make them individually - like on this one - and overlap them properly to give a real 3D effect.
How about trying this one: a splattered person in the door!
Draw a couple of arms onto some more cardboard box card. Draw the sleeves a little big longer than they need to be, and the hands don't have to be too realistic. If you like, you could draw around your own hands.
Do the same with the legs: draw long trousers, and add on some cartoon trainers.
Cut all of the pieces out.
To make sure that they're at the right angle, hold them up to the door frame in the position you want them to be in.

Make two marks on either side...
...then join the marks up and cut the end bit off.

Cutting at these angles will make sure they look right on your door frame.
Paint your pieces in cartoony, bright colours, then go round them in black pen.

You'll then have something that looks like this.
You don't have to do people.

You could do one like this cat!
Your room wouldn't be properly Toon Attacked without speech bubbles, so here's how to make them.

Different shapes mean different things. This is a normal speech bubble. Make these in the same way with shapes cut out of cardboard box card, paint it and then highlight edges with black pens.
A cloud shaped one is for a thought.
A jagged-edged one like this is more for shouting!
And this box shaped one is good for instructions and information.
When you've made all the cartoony bits you want, you can go ahead and Toon Attack your bedroom!

Try it yourself!