You might not be able to spell "pteranodon", but with these tips you'll definitely be able to draw one of the greatest dinosaur birds ever!

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Pencils or crayons
When you're drawing a pteranodon, think of the letter "T"!

To start with, draw a T leaning slightly to the left side.
Then draw a slightly smaller one above it, and a smaller one below it.

Draw them lightly at first because these letter T's will become the skeleton from which you will draw the rest of the pteranodon.
On the big T, just draw a long body with a pointy tail at the end.
The top of the T becomes arms with bony claws.
And the top of the bottom T becomes legs with clawed feet!
The top T is a curved neck.
The head is a flat egg shape, almost like a rugby ball.
It has a long, pointed beak at the front with an open mouth to look fierce.
And a long pointed crest at the back of the head, too.
Don't forget an eye and a nostril!
Here's the interesting bit. The pteranodon had a long, bony wing finger that extended out from each hand. put that on too...

Curve these bones right out and then hang the skin on the ends.
There's the basic shape of your pterandon all built on three letter T's. Now to give it some shape and texture.

Just hint at a ribcage...
Put some stretch creases on the wings, going from the hands.
Add hints of green shading...
...and an orange eye with some black shading around it.
And finally, draw around something circular to create a sun.
Add a bit of mist to make it look really atmospheric, and just hint at some prehistoric mountains.
There it is: a pteranodon!

So remember, don't forget to use those T's to make drawing a pteranodon much easier.

Try it yourself!