With this Art Attack you can make the coolest invitations around!

You will need:
  • A4 coloured paper
  • Cardboard
  • Compass or sharp pencil
  • Coloured pens, especially silver and gold.
  • Metallic sticker or metallic paint (optional)
First cut a piece of coloured A4 paper into four strips.

These will be the tickets!
Now you can design your ticket.

Tickets often have a section at the end to rip off, so start with a dotted line a few centimetres in. This'll be the ticket stub.
These invitations are going to be for a showbiz party, so the background is going to be like a strip of film.

Use a black pen to draw on some film sprockets. These are sections of film.
Then how about an old fashioned camera, with the reels of film on the top and a smaller one on the ticket stub?
Tickets often have metallic detail on them so a silver pen really adds to the effect.

Just pick out a few bits of detail to really lift the ticket.
Then, in gold pen, over the top of the camera, write "Showbiz Party".

Repeat this on the stub.
If you go round all the words in silver it looks really professional.
You could always add an official stamp by sticking a shiny sticker over the dotted line.
You could even dip a small circle of cardboard into some metallic paint and use it to print with instead.

This makes another official stamp!
Then place a scrap of cardboard under the ticket and, using a compass or sharp pencil, make small holes along the dotted line.

Now it's easy to tear the ticket stub off!
Then, of course, you need to write on all the details of your party. You could put an official scribbly signature too from someone important to make it look official!

Repeat all of these details on the ticket stub. And then the ticket is complete!
Make some more to look the same on other strips of paper, or you could even scan it in to your computer so you can print them out.
You can do these tickets for any event you like. How about this one for a pool party?
You could make one up for a concert for your favourite band.
Or how about this one for a big sports event!

Try it yourself!