How do you draw a picture of the sea? Here are some tips to help you create the perfect seascape.

You will need:
  • paper
  • paint
  • paintbrush
To create a calm sea, first take the picture that you want to put the sea into.

A calm sea is very flat, and there are no waves at all.

But that doesnít mean thereís no drawing to do - because to show that the sea is calm, itís a case of drawing or painting the reflections of everything around the water.
Start by painting the reflections of the headland.

Remember that the reflections are upside down and come towards you.

Paint very simple squiggles to show the reflection - but donít go too squiggly, because it wonít look very calm then!
Itís really a case of just copying everything upside down, but not to make it very clear.

And there you have it - a calm sea.
So - what about an angry sea?

Well, thereíll be lots of crashing waves. Donít do waves that go up and down... just do one side of the wave, the wave that goes up, like this.
Itís an angry sea, so get angry as you draw it!

Another good tip is to get smaller and smaller as you go into the distance.

Donít worry about having a straight horizon, because itís not going to be straight if thereís a crashing sea!

You should end up with something like this.
Then, do the other side of the wave, the bit that goes down, in a lighter blue or a white.

Just simply flick downwards.
For the foam of the sea, use a really dry brush and thick white paint.

Stab or flick the paint.
And there it is - a rough sea.

Try it yourself!