Try drawing a spooky face and turning it into a haunted castle! Scary!

You will need:
  • Water-soluble felt pen
  • Paintbrush
  • Yellow and white chalk
Using a water soluble pen, draw a spooky face, complete with angry eyes.

You could do a long, ghostly mouth too!
You're going to transform this face into a nightmare castle!

First, the eyes and nostrils become windows.
And then the mouth becomes a portcullis.
Add some long pointy rooves for the towers.
How about some spooky arms clawing out to get you?

These arms are really old trees that have been struck by lightning over the years.
Terror towers is positioned precariously, on top of an old craggy cliff.
It's got cobwebs hanging everywhere...
...and bats in the belfry (just draw little "M" shapes!)
Now for the fun bit!

Dip a paintbrush in water, and gently brush it all over the picture to make the ink run a little.

It gives a very spooky effect.
In chalk, draw a white moon, and smudge it for effect.

You could also create some mist around the castle.
Here, Neil's also done some white edging around the castle, giving it a moonlit glow - and added a bit of yellow in the windows, as if the lights were on!
And there it is - Terror Towers! Spooky!

Try it yourself!