If you're having trouble drawing teeth, you'll like these tips!

You will need:
  • Pen
  • Paper
The simplest way to create teeth in a picture is to split the smile horizontally, down the middle of the mouth, to show where the two sets of teeth separate.

Alternatively, you could split down the middle and draw in the individual teeth.
One thing to remember when you draw a grin is that if the teeth are healthy, they'll probably sparkle.

Depict this by adding on a few twinkle shapes!
If you draw two teeth pointing down over the lips you give the impression of a person being goofy, however, if you draw teeth pointing upwards, you make someone look like a thug or a bully!
When you draw pictures of very young people, remember they won't have all their teeth!
The same rule applies to a baby, they usually have only one tooth!
When you draw teeth on a villain, draw the smile like any other, but knock some of his teeth out!
And if you want to draw a monster's teeth draw them as triangles, all jagged and pointy!
When you draw an old person with no teeth, remember their mouth would be all pushed in!
If someone is punched in your cartoon so they lose their teeth remember to draw them flying all over the place!
Finally, remember that if someone in your cartoon has just had a real beating, they'd have hardly any teeth left, and a funny shaped mouth!

Try it yourself!