When you complete a picture, do you ever feel that it doesn't look fully finished yet? Ask yourself "can I take it any further?" and see what happens...

You will need:
  • A drawing
  • Pens, pencils, crayons, paint... whatever you choose!
Here's a picture of a boat. You might think that it's finished.

Right now it looks rather boring - so how about some extra detail?
Start with a cabin on the boat, then a bit of extra rigging on the sails.
Maybe a motor at the back of the boat?
And some rails at the front of the boat.
A little buoy bobbing around.
And a hint of some people at the back of the boat!
And there - much better.

This is a good tip to remember when you've finished a picture - ask yourself if you can take it any further.
How about trying some different art materials to create some different effects?

Wax crayons are really good for adding in texture, especially if you use them on their sides.
A sun in the sky introduces colour to the picture.
You can even reflect it on the water.
Because the sun is behind the boat, it would make the front darker. So why not turn it into a silhouette by colouring everything in in black.
Because both wax crayon and permanent marker pens are water resistant, you could add in a bit of watercolour.

Streak some red watercolour paint lightly over the sky to give a great sunset effect.
Reflect it off the sea too by painting some red across that too.
And there you have it! From a very simple, boring picture of a boat to a really moody, atmospheric sea-themed sunset!

Next time you draw a picture, ask yourself, "can I take it any further?" But remember - you have to stop somewhere!

Try it yourself!