Top tips on how to draw a ferocious T-Rex!

You will need:
  • paper
  • pencils or crayons
To get the rough shape of a T-Rex’s body, draw a nice big diamond shape. It doesn’t need to be neat!

For the head, draw a slightly smaller diamond shape, and for the big back legs, just draw a mini diamond shape pointing down.
Then add on a tail, two little arms at the front for claws, and to complete the shape of the back legs, draw a line backwards, then forwards, and then add the foot.
Now to turn it into a proper dinosaur.

Start with the face - an evil smile with a mouthful of teeth, and then dark sinister eyes!

For the shape of the head, do lots of lumps and bumps and a very prominent bottom jaw.
For the rest of the body shape, just keep thinking of muscle and flabby skin.

This is how to do the back.

Just break up the outline shape into lots of bumps and curves.
To make it look even more muscly, draw a few lines along the length of its back and stomach.
Draw curved lines in the other direction, connecting with the previously drawn lines, to suggest scaly skin.
Finally, add shading to the dinosaur, and a small shadow on the ground.
To make it really ferocious, add in red eyes, and blood dripping from its mouth.

So - from a "diamond-saur," to a dinosaur!

Try it yourself!