Here's an Art Attack to rock your world!

You will need:
  • Four toothpaste boxes
  • Scissors
  • Stick glue
  • Cardboard box card
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Drinking straws
  • Pencil
  • Modelling clay
  • Long split pin or paper fastener
  • Card
To make the frame you'll need four toothpaste boxes.
On one, cut one side out completely...
...and on the opposite side, cut a slot that's a couple of centimetres wide.
This goes at the bottom of the frame.

Place the other boxes around it...
...and glue them into position.
When the glue has dried, draw around the frame onto some cardboard box card, and cut it out.
Glue the cardboard box card to the toothpaste boxes, to make the frame nice and neat.
When the glue has dried it'll be very solid.

Now you need to design what goes inside. Neil drew a boat, bobbing about on the sea.
Place the frame onto some thin card and use a pen to make a couple of marks on the inside of the frame.

The idea is to use these as a guide to draw the sea.
Draw a straight line to join the marks...
...then about 8cm up, add some waves.
At the end of the waves, add on a couple of tags that stick out to the side.
Then cut the shape out, and paint it blue.
On another piece of card, draw a boat...
...then cut this out too, and paint it.
To make the boat swing you'll need a long split pin or paper fastener, a ball of modelling clay and some drinking straws.
Turn the boat over and tape a drinking straw onto the back.
Next, take the sea and pierce a hole in the middle near the bottom.

The idea is to just punch a pencil through the card, into the modelling clay.
Now line up the sea with the boat, and make a mark through the hole in the sea onto the straw.
Pierce this hole using the pencil and modelling clay again.
Now you need to join the pieces together using two very small pieces of drinking straw like these.
Start with the sea, and pop the split pin or paper fastener through.
Add on one of the small pieces of drinking straw...
...followed by the boat...
...another piece of straw...
...then open the split pin or paper fastener out to hold everything in place.
Next, fold over the tabs on the ends of the sea...
...then take the whole thing and poke the straw through the slot in the bottom of the frame.
Tape or glue either side of the frame using stick glue on the side tabs.
When everything is in position, roll some modelling clay into a ball...
...and push it onto the end of the long drinking straw, to act as a weight.
Make a background by cutting out a piece of cardboard box card that's the same size as the frame.
Paint a sky onto it, with more sea at the bottom.
Pop some stick glue all around the edge...
...and place the background on the back of the frame.
Finish off by painting the frame a bright colour.
When you've finished painting and the paint has dried, you can hang it up.
For other design ideas, how about a plane flying through the clouds?
Or a granny rocking in a chair?
Here are some woodcutters sawing away...
...and here's a waving hand!

Try it yourself!