Here are some tips to help you confidently add shadows to your pictures.

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Drawing materials: pencils, crayons, paint... anything you like
Here's a simple picture of some shapes, with the side that's facing away from the light shaded in.
But what about the shadows? This picture needs some, since everything casts a shadow, whether it's from the sun or other light source.

Just like shading, shadows are where the light can't get to. They're cast away from the light.
They get weaker the further away they get.
What about a shadow for this box?

Because there's something blocking the path of the shadow, it will form up the side of the object that's in the way.
It's the same idea for this long object, but this time the shadow will continue over the box.

It still gets weaker the further away it gets, though.
That's much better because it's much more realistic.

Now, what about a real picture?
Here's a street scene with the shading on the sides of the buildings that face away from the sun.

But what about the shadows?
Each building will cast a shadow and, once again, it will be away from the direction of the sun.
Remember they get weaker and weaker the further away they get.
Don't forget the chimneys on the roof!
People and cars cast shadows too, so include those also.
Finally, don't forget the overhangs of the buildings under the roof.
And there - much more realistic. So be brave, and put shadows in your pictures!

Try it yourself!