Here's a great way to draw a futuristic, metallic superhero.

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Black felt pen
  • Silver or gold metallic pen.
Start off by drawing a picture of yourself just standing up.

Don't worry about the clothes or the face being too perfect.
Now to turn the picture into a superhero... take a thin black felt pen and draw on a futuristic-looking helmet.

It can be any shape you like, but it's a good idea to use lots of curves and angles to make it look futuristic.
How about some armour plated, metallic shoulder pads?

And don't forget a small oxygen pipe so that you can keep breathing in all those alien atmospheres.
Here's a good trick: if you draw lots of dots to represent rivets, it will look more metallic!

How about adding in a metallic initial, too?
Give yourself some futuristic, metallic undies as well!
Don't forget some cool space boots, with lots of curves and angles.

Make them really chunky for the low gravity!
No superhero is complete without gadgets.

Just use your imagination - this one has a bionic glove.
Fatten out the muscles, making them look a little bit more angular.

Add in some shading to make them look really chunky.
Finally, how about a deadly laser pencil?

It's up to you to dream up the weapons for your superhero!
You can leave it like that if you want, but if you want to make it properly shiny, use a silver or gold metallic pen to add in some more shiny lines.
Just pick out shiny bits all across the superhero.
And there it is!
Here's another superhero. This one has gold body armour.

Try it yourself!