Here's a great way to make a really atmospheric picture with a very large sun or moon.

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Colours for your picture
First you need to make a picture of either a fiery yellow sun setting against a red sky...
... or a silvery-white moon against a dark night sky. Or you could do it on card and cut it out. Either way you need a nice bright circle that almost fills your paper.
A good way to get a big circle is to draw around a dinner plate like this.

You can then either paint the sky around it or cut it out and then glue it onto coloured paper.
Draw a silhouette - of anything you like - across the sky.

You can use black felt pen for this, but you could also use paint - or anything else you like.
Draw the silhouette out, right the way across the sun or the moon.

Go all the way across the picture.
Then just fill it all in in black.
Look at the way the sun frames the silhouette!
You could use a thinner pen to give it some wispy bits.
There it is - a fantastic picture of a family of monkeys silhouetted against the setting sun.
How about this one, a family of giraffes against a slightly different coloured sun.
You could even try a moonlight silhouette picture.
Or why not draw your silhouette onto black card, and cut it out?

Then just stick it onto coloured paper.
Or how about a painting, using the sun and moon silhouette technique.

A sun or moon frames a silhouette really well.

Try it yourself!