String is a versatile art and craft material. Here's an Art Attack with string that produces some great printing results.

You will need:
  • String
  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Kitchen roll tube
Cut a piece of A4 paper in half.
Design a picture on one of the halves.

This one is a cartoon fish with big eyes. Don't include too much detail.
When you're happy with your design, turn it into a string picture.

Using a thin brush, paste some PVA glue onto one of the lines.
Then lay on a piece of string, carefully following the line.
Go over all the lines in the same way and leave it to dry.
You could leave it like that - but you can use it as a printing template.

Take a kitchen roll tube and run a line of stick glue along it.
Then, carefully lay on the string picture.

Wrap it around - it should be about the right size. You can always trim it if it's not.
Glue the other end down.

The string picture has now been turned into a roller printer!
Next, lightly turn the roller printer in some paint, making sure that all the strings are covered.

Don't make the paint too thick!
Position it on a clean sheet of paper and slowly roll the tube across it, taking care not to smudge the paint.

The paint will transfer...
... and you can do as many prints as you like.
You can make lots of different string print designs.

You can even print one colour on top of another.
Or you could paint it directly onto the string with a brush, so that you get more paint covering every part of the string.

Try it yourself!