Here's a string band that rocks! It's a String Puppet Band - and it's a 4 Part Attack!

You will need:
  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard box card
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • String
  • Cotton
  • Drinking straws
  • Coat hanger
  • PVA glue
  • Paint
  • Black pen
  • Wool
To make the guitarist, you need to first make all the non-moving parts of the puppet.

So, scrunch up some newspaper into an oval shape, for a body...
...add a tiny piece of newspaper to the top for a neck, a small ball for a head...
...and the arm, which holds the neck of the guitar, isn't going to move - so for that, make a thin newspaper twist.
The hands are just small sqaures of newspaper, each with five small twists of newspaper for fingers.
Place one hand at the end of the arm, in an upward position.
Two stubby newspaper sausages, bent in the middle, make good legs.
Make feet by cutting out oval shapes of cardboard box card.

Pad them out on one side with more newspaper...
...but only tape one the one on the opposite of the arm, as this is the only foot that doesn't move!

Lie all the pieces out, like this...
...then use plenty of sticky tape to secure everything in position.

You should get something that looks like this - a man with one foot and one arm missing!
To make the moving arm, you'll need a drinking straw and a piece of string that's about the same length.

Cut a couple of centimetres off one end of the straw...
...then cut what's left into equal halves.
Wrap some newspaper around the two pieces of drinking straw to pad them out...
...but make sure that you don't cover up the ends!
Tape one end of the string to the shoulder of the newspaper man...
...then thread on the two padded drinking straws, to make an arm.
Now make another hand, in the same way as before, and tape it to one end of the string.

You need to leave the string slack enough to move freely.
For the second moving foot, cut a length of string that's about the same length as the foot.
Tape one end to the bottom of the leg...
...and the other end to the top part of the foot.

Once again, leave enough slack for the foot to move.
It doesn't matter if the arms are a bit long and out of proportion - it all adds to the comedy effect.
Next, cut a guitar shaped piece of cardboard box card and tape it into position.
Next, cut three lengths of cotton that are about as long as your arm.

Tape one to the moving hand... to the arm, just below the elbow joint, and one to the top of the tapping foot.
Now paste a layer of PVA glue all over the guitar man.

Take care not to glue over the string joints!
The PVA glue will dry hard, and you can then paint it.
You should have something that looks like this!
This guitar man has had extra detail added with a black pen.

He also has hair made from brown wool and a bit of ribbon for a guitar strap.
You can animate the guitar man with a coat hanger.

Put the hanger on the back of a chair or desk...
...and stand the puppet on the floor below.
Attach the cotton from the foot first. This will be the longest.

With the foot flat on the ground, hold the cotton up until it becomes taut. When it reaches the hanger, wrap it round...
...then tape it in place and cut off any excess.
Next, attach the elbow thread by pulling the arm out at an angle, like this...
...and tape the cotton to the hanger when the thread is taut.
The best position for the hand is when it's over the guitar strings.
Once again, when the cotton is taut, tape it to the coat hanger.
You don't need to be a great puppeteer to have fun.

Just rock the hanger back and forth and watch the guitar man go! They look really good if you rock them to music!
You can make a whole band in the same way.

The singer has a microphone stand instead of a guitar...
...and the drummer is sitting down on a stool. The drums are made from a cut down crisp tube, covered with paper drum skins, and painted.

Try it yourself!