Hereís a great way to make a picture of a lightning storm over a city at night.

You will need:
  • paper
  • wax crayons
  • black poster paint
  • water
Take a piece of paper, and draw a picture, roughly blocking in your city.

It doesnít need to be neat. You can draw a main road that wiggles towards you, and some side roads.
Switch the lights on in the city, with yellow wax crayon dots.

The dots in the distance must be fairly heavy. Along the roads, add squiggly lines coming towards you, and more dots for car headlights.
Add in some orange and red dots for other lights.

Donít forget some back lights on the cars
Now take a light blue wax crayon.

Starting in one top corner, add a zigzag bolt of lightning across the sky, with some smaller ones coming off.
Go over the lightning in white wax crayon.

You wonít be able to see this yet.
Now to make it nighttime.

Mix some black poster paint with water so that itís nice and runny, and brush it all over the picture from top to bottom. Do you see what happens?
If you cover the whole picture, youíll have something that looks like this.
Itís a good idea to go over the city again to make it slightly darker, because the lightning will have lit up the sky.

Try it yourself!