There are around a hundred billion stars in the galaxy. If you started counting them at the rate of three per second, it would take you a thousand years to finish! But here's a way of drawing the lot in minutes!

You will need:
  • chalk
  • black paper
Start with a small oval cluster of stars in the middle.
Then, with the chalk on its side, add a few spirals going outwards, with some arms flying out at the sides.
To add a bit of space dust, smudge the centre of the cluster, and then smudge the spirals, in the shape of the spirals.

This creates the impression of millions of stars!
You can add in some streaks going around the spirals like this.
Now, dot in some stars - first in the middle, and then following the shape of the spiral, all the way around.

Don't be neat. You can even add some clusters together within the spiral.
Why not try this with two hands at the same time?

Add in a few more clusters of stars, perhaps in even more distant galaxies.
Finally, to finish off, just draw a C shape.
Smudge it inwards to the centre.
Add a couple of half rings around the centre of the shape, to create a nearby planet!
So - hundreds of billions of stars in a galaxy. There are loads of different effects you can get by smudging chalk. How about an exploding galaxy, or even a whirlpool style galaxy?

Try it yourself!