Would you like to make a portrait by candlelight? Well, a torch actually - but it's just as good!

You will need:
  • black paper
  • chalk
  • torch
Dim all the lights, and shine a torch onto one side of your face, so that one side of your face is in light, and one side is in shadow.

Look at yourself in a mirror. Using green chalk, follow the line of the light, and draw your face.
Once you've finished, switch the lights back on.

Colour those pools of light in with your chalk, so you'll have something like this.
Gently smudge the chalk, for a smooth edge effect. Occasionally smudge outwards, and it will look like it's glowing in the mist. It might not look exactly like you, but remember, it doesn't look like you anyway, because it's in torchlight! And there you have it - a spooky self-portrait! There are many different options. Try white chalk on black paper, black chalk on white paper, or even a really sinister blue chalk on purple paper.

Try it yourself!