What lives under your bed? Smelly socks? Old food? Something horrible and grimy? Or splat monsters?

You will need:
  • a carrier bag or plastic bin liner
  • PVA glue
  • newspaper
  • paint
  • pencil
  • apron
  • marker pen
First, lie a plastic carrier or bin bag down, to protect the surface that you're working on.
Mix some PVA glue with a small amount of water. Be sure to make quite a lot.
Tear up six double pages of newspaper into little bits.
Put the bits of paper into the glue, then squelch them about with your hands.

The paper will soak up the glue and start to disintegrate.
To make your monster's body, take a handful of the resulting newspaper pulp.
Mould it into a rough ball.
Then hold it just above your bin bag and drop it!
Mould the splat into shape if you need to.

Then push the sides down a bit, so that your splat monster has a flat bottom.
To make the splats coming out of the monster's body, take smaller bits of newspaper pulp, and roll them into splat arm shapes (sausage shapes!).

Place these arms on the bag so that they're next to the monster's body.

Mould into shape.
Make another little sausage.
Smooth round the edges of the splat until you are happy with the shape.

You need to do splats all the way round.
To make eyes, use smaller bits of pulp.

Mould them into little balls, and stick them in place on the top of the body.
For the mouth, take a pencil, and carefully push it into the body at the front just under the eyes.

Wiggle it about a bit to create a toothless grin.
Leave it to dry, and you’ll have something that looks like this.
Another good reason to make your splat monster on top of the bag is to allow you to peel the monster off when it has dried.
To paint your splat monster, keep him (or her!) on top of the plastic bag.
Give your monster a skin by using different coloured poster paints.
Pour your first colour over the monster and leave it to dry.
Pour the second colour on and leave to dry.
Then pour on your third colour.
Touch up any bits that didn't get covered with a paint brush.
When all your painting is dry, you can add further detail such as white eyes, pupils, or even a mouth, with a black permanent marker.
When you're at the messy wet newspaper pulp stage, just before you paint it, you could cut some little cardboard box card arms and hands and just stick them in at the sides.
If you follow that tip, you will end up with something that looks like this.

A splat monster that lurks in the murky dark areas of your bedroom.

Try it yourself!