Keep your artwork safe and secret in this Harry Potter style binder.

You will need:
  • A4 folders
  • PVA glue
  • Sticky tack
  • Cardboard box card
  • Thinner card or paper
  • Brush
  • Pencil
  • Kitchen roll
  • Paint
  • String
Glue two A4 folders together, back to back, so that the flappy parts are at the top and open easily.
Cut out two pieces of cardboard box card that are bigger than the folders.

Make sure there's one straight edge on each piece - but if you do the others curved, it'll give a medieval effect.
Place the glued folders between the two pices of card and line them up so that the stright edges run along the top of the folder flaps.
Glue into place.
You should now have a sort of book with places to put your work in!
Next, bind the card bits together to create a spine.

Do this by cutting a strip of soft card or paper that is a similar length to the book and about 10cm wide.
Put some glue down the sides - but not in the middle - of one side of the paper.
Line one edge of the glued strip along one edge of the card and stick it down.
Now fold it round the edge and stick the other side of the strip onto the other side of the binder.

Leave it to dry.
You could start painting now - or make some raised bits out of extra bits of cardboard to make the binder look even more special and 3D.

Here you can see Neil has added corner bits and hinges down the spine.
Here's the initial "N" on some raised card, to stick in the middle.
To keep the book private, you'll need a key and lock!

Draw a keyhole shape onto a small rectangle of card and stick it on the right hand edge of your book.
Now carefully pop a pencil hole through both pieces of card.

Take care not to damage your work surface or table - use a ball of sticky tack or modelling clay to protect it.
To make the catch, turn the book over and cut a small strip of thin card about 1cm wide and place it just in from the edge of the side of the book that opens.

Sticky tape it at either end - leaving a gap in the middle.
Now you can make the cover of your spellbinder look old and gnarled.

Using PVA glue mixed with water in equal parts, stick on some strips of kitchen roll, and slop more of the glue mixture on top. There's no need to be neat - it all adds to the effect.

Cover the whole book - but take care not to glue up the hole in the lock!
On the back, put kitchen roll over the sealed bits of the catch.

This will make the seal stronger.
When it's dry it'll look like this.

Neil's even stuck some string on the border of his initial.
Now you can paint it however you like!
All you need now is a key!

Cut an "L" shaped key out of cardboard box card about 1cm in width and paint it.
Thread a piece of string through the key and through the hole in the lock at the front of your book - and tie it together.
Then put all your artwork inside...
...and simply slot the key through the catch in the back to keep your work safe.
Very wizardy!

Try it yourself!