If you've worn out your toothbrush, don't throw it away!

You will need:
  • paint
  • paper
  • old toothbrush
  • scissors
These pictures look fantastic and are great fun to create too!

Choose some different shapes and cut them out from a piece of paper or card to create a stencil.
Take another piece of paper or card and place the stencil on top.

Cover your work surface in plenty of newspaper to protect it from stray paint spatters!
You can use an ordinary paintbrush to flick the paint (poster or acrylic), but you can use an old toothbrush too for a finer effect.

Dip the toothbrush in paint, then run a piece of card along the bristles so that the paint spatters onto the picture.
When you've spattered all the paint you want, let it dry, then take the stencil away to reveal the completed picture!
You can also apply the reverse technique for a great effect.

Use cut-out shapes as masks, and spatter paint onto paper around them - just like this Big Art Attack Neil created in the studio using paint and an air spray.

Try it yourself!