Ever wondered what houses might look like in the future? Yes? Then why not design and build your own Space City!

You will need:
  • Empty Food Packaging
  • Pizza Box
  • Crisp or Biscuit Tube
  • Plastic Bottle
  • Paint
  • Sticky Tape
  • Cardboard Box Card
To make your own Space City, you can use almost any shape of old food container.

All of the ones you can see here can be put to good use!
For example, this plastic bowl could be a perspex dome!
This food container could be some kind of observatory.
To make your first pod you'll need an empty piza box.

Cut along the fold so that you have separate both halves
Next, put a piece of cardboard box card between the two halves, and tape them to it like this.
Now tape an empty crisp tube to the middle of one side of the pizza box.

There you have your first pod!
To make your next pod, tape an empty plastic bowl to the bottom of a paper plate.
Cut the end off of a kitchen roll tube at an angle, so that the pod can sit on top of it.
You can stick shapes cut from cardboard box card onto the pods to make antennae.
Empty yoghurt pots and cheese trays can be used - and empty loo roll tubes too!
This pod was made using an empty yoghurt pot, a paper plate, some cardboard box card, a lollipop stick, the top of a plastic bottle and a ping pong ball!
When you've made all your pods, paint them and leave to dry.
Finally, cut a large piece of cardboard box card to use as a base.

Stick all your pods to the base, and why not add some paper roads for extra effect?

Try it yourself!