Make yourself a priceless relic - an ancient, mythical solid gold sun and silver moon!

You will need:
  • gold and silver paint
  • cardboard box card
  • PVA glue
  • newspaper
  • string
  • dinner plate
  • pencil
  • tape
To draw the sun:

Take a big sheet of cardboard box card, and draw around a dinner plate, to form a big circle.
For the sun's rays, draw four big wavy prongs.

Then add four medium sized prongs in between the big ones.
In between the medium sized prongs, draw some little wavy ones.
To draw the face of the sun, add two big bulgy eyes.
Draw a big, bobble-like nose, and add a friendly smile with big, full lips and a chin at the bottom.

Don't forget to add big podgy cheeks!
Carefully cut all this out.
To draw the moon, take another sheet of card, and draw around it in the same way using your plate.

However, push the plate slightly over to the right and draw down the left hand side of the plate to make a moon shape.
Now give the moon some features.

Draw a nose and full fat lips, an eye, an eyebrow and a big fat cheek.
Carefully cut it out, and you値l have something that looks like this.
To pad out the features of the sun and the moon:

Scrunch up some bits of newspaper into balls, and tape them together into shape.
Twist some strips of newspaper.
Tape the balls and twisted strips onto the sun's features to create a 3D effect.
For the lines use the twisted strips. Cut them to size and shape.
Don't forget to tape some twisted strips along the pointed prongs of the sun.
If you do the whole thing in the same way, padding it out with newspaper, you値l have something that looks like this.
If you do the moon in exactly the same way, you値l have something that looks like this.
To strengthen your sun and moon even more, mix some PVA glue in equal parts with water.
Paste the glue all over the newspaper and cardboard bits of your sun and moon.
Lay on strips of kitchen roll or tissue paper, making sure you push it down into all the nooks and crannies.

Cover the whole thing in one layer of tissue and glue, and leave to dry.
When it痴 dry, you値l have something that looks like this.
To paint your sun and moon:

Using poster or acrylic paint, paint them both in black first.
To turn the sun into solid gold, cheat!

Scrunch up a bit of tissue paper or kitchen roll and dip it into some gold paint. Dab off the excess, and then gently dab the paint on top of the raised black area. Stroke it on very gently, picking out the features and the detail with the gold paint.

Use yellow paint if you don't have any gold, adding a touch of green and black to the yellow paint to make it slightly gold-like.
Paint the moon silver in a similar way.

Dip some tissue paper or kitchen roll into the silver paint, dab off the excess, then dab it on.
Leave them both to dry. Tape string onto the back if you want to hang the sun and moon up.
And when you致e finished, you値l have something that looks like this.

There you have it - a solid gold sun and silver moon.

Try it yourself!