A great idea for a novelty birthday card. Mind those fingers!

You will need:
  • coloured card
  • split pin
  • felt pen
  • glue
Take some thin coloured card and draw a cartoon creature on it.

It needs to have a big snappy jaw like the crocodile here. When you draw the top jaw, make sure that it sticks out more than the bottom jaw.
Cut it out.
Cut the top bit of the jaw off, where the teeth are.
Overlap the top jaw bit with the body where you want the hinge to be.

If you look, the jaws are now the same length.
Carefully pop a pencil through the card where you want the hinge to be.

Put some sticky tack underneath to make the creation of the hole easier.
Take a split-pin (paper fastener), push it through the hole, and open it out...
...so that when you test it, the mouth opens and closes.
Add glue on the back of his body and his lower jaw.

Donít put any glue on the top jaw, otherwise it wonít open.
Take a piece of card folded into a greetings card shape, and stick your crocodile onto the card.

You can draw on other bits of detail in the background to decorate the card.
When youíve finished, youíll have something that looks like this.

You can see here that the crocodileís teeth have been painted white, and that plants, clouds and stones have been added around it.
Finally, itís just a case of opening the mouth, and writing in your birthday message - "Snappy Birthday." And there you have a snappy birthday card. Think about other designs, like a pumpkin for Happy Halloween, or maybe a person lying ill in bed whose mouth opens to reveal "Get Well Soon."

Try it yourself!