Not many people would like a snake in their bedroom! But these snakes are really useful.

You will need:
  • Newspaper
  • Tape
  • PVA glue
  • Kitchen roll
  • Acrylic paint
  • A pot (see below for examples)
  • Scissors
To make a Snake Mate, you'll need to find a sort of pot.

These are just some of the kinds you might find useful.
Pick one, but whatever type you use, cut the top so that the whole thing is a few centimetres lower than the cup you're going to use.

Your cup should be able to stand inside the pot so that when you're in the dark there is enough sticking out of the top for you to be able to get hold of it easily.
Once you're happy with the height of your pot you need to make the snake!

For this you'll need four double page spreads of newspaper.
Open two of the pages out, flat.
Start with one of the long edges and roll the paper up so that you get a thin, scrunched up tube.
Then use some bits of tape to keep it closed.
Do exactly the same with the other two sheets of paper.

You should now have two long sausage shapes of newspaper.
Now join these two newspaper sausages together, end to end with some tape.

This forms one long, snake-like body! Use plenty of tape to make it secure.
To make the head, fold the end bit of the body over on itself in a kind of loop.

Tape into place.
Scrunch up a piece of scrap newspaper and stuff it inside the hole of the loop.

This pads it out.

Add on more tape to keep it all in place.
Now you have the head, you need the tail.

To make this, scrunch up the other end by twisting it into a thin point. Tape it into place so it stays in this shape.
Now you need to wrap the snake body around your pot.

Lay the pot down and position the tail end of the snake on top so that the newspaper body lies along that bottom edge of the pot. It's very important that it doesn't overhang the edge; you'll see why later. Tape it into position.
Carefully start to wrap the body of the snake around the pot.

Scrunch and mould and tape it into position as you go.
Just keep wrapping and taping in a spiral. When you're at the end, bend the last part up and the head part out so that the snake seems to be looking out at you.

Again, use lots of tape to keep it in position.
When the head and neck are all taped, your snake should look something like this. The reason it was so important not to let the body of the snake overhang the bottom edge of the pot is because it won't be able to stand up properly otherwise!
Now - time to bring your snake to life!

Stick on a pair of screwed up newspaper eyes.
Add a forked tongue with some cut up cereal box card.
Brush a layer of PVA glue, mixed half and half with water, all over. Stick on pieces of kitchen roll until you have completely covered the snake in one layer. Make sure you get into all the cracks and creases!

Go down the inside of the snake too so that you seal the join between the snake and the top of the pot.
When you've covered the whole thing and it's dried, you'll have something that looks like this. The kitchen paper has gone rock hard and given the body a scaly, snake-like skin!
Next - the fun part! Paint your snake whichever way you like. This pattern is a yellow and red diamond with green skin.

You can aso use a black pen to pick out some details and lines. It's best to use acrylic paint for this because when it dries it will give it a more waterproof coating.
Use your imagination to create any design you like.

This one has a rattle on the end of its tail just by putting some extra newspaper around it.
This one is a big, chunky python!
Just put your Snake Mate on your bedside table with your drink inside when you go to bed.

He'll then guide you to your drink in the dark.

Try it yourself!