A spooky idea for ghosts using chalk and dark paper...

You will need:
  • Dark coloured paper
  • Chalk
  • Cotton wool
  • An eraser - one on the end of a pencil is best
  • White pencil
First you need to make some dusty chalk.

To do this, scribble hard on a piece of scrap paper so that the chalk dust collects onto the paper.
Dip some cotton wool into the chalk dust.
Use the cotton wool to smudge and smear ghostly shapes onto the dark paper.
When you've got the shape you want, blow away the excess dust.
Using the rubber, pick out some features for your ghost's face.
Use a white pencil to add some extra detail.

Neil's giving his friendly ghost a collar and tie!
These ghosts are so easy and quick to make - you can keep inventing spooky characters using different coloured chalk dust.
This cute green spooky spectre even has podgy cheeks and a bow tie!
You could create a whole smudge and smear family!

Try it yourself!