Are you a dinosaur fan? Here's a way to get prehistoric pterodactyls in your own bedroom!

You will need:
  • Cardboard Box Card
  • Pen
  • Carrier Bag / Plastic Bin Liner
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • String
First, draw a side view of a pterodactyl onto a big piece of cardboard box card.
You could copy one from a picture in a book, or try it freehand.

To do this, start as if you were drawing the top of a bottle, then bring it together with a pointy curve.
Add a head to the neck - a sort of duck's head, but with a more pointy beak.
Pterodactyls had funny boney bits on their heads - so add a triangle at the back of the head.
When you're happy, cut out the shape.
To make wings, you need to make a template.

Take a piece of paper and fold it in half.
Draw a simple wing shape from the fold outwards.

Make sure that the wide part of the wing is on the fold.
Keep it folded and closed, and cut the shape out.

Open it out to reveal a wing template!
Draw around the template onto more cardboard box card and cut the shape out.
To make the last piece, use a smaller bit of card and cut out a sort of curved archway with legs and feet on the end, like this.
To assemble, you need to cut three slots into the pieces.

Use a pencil to make some rough guides as to where you're going to cut the slots into the body pieces. On the body the slot should be about 10cm long and wide enough to slot the other pieces of card into.
On the wings, the slot should be 10cm long, and positioned in the middle.
The feet need a little slot, like this.
Cut the slots out, then you can assemble!

First slot the wings into the back.
Then slot the bottom onto the underside of the body.
To make your pterodactyl look scaly, cover the individual pieces in plastic bin liner.

Alternatively, paint.
Now just make a tiny hole somewhere on the back of the pterodactyl, thread some string through and hang it up in your bedroom.

Try it yourself!