Here's a great tip to remember when doing any drawing or painting.

You will need:
  • Light pencil or charcoal
  • Paper
Here's a great tip to remember when you're drawing or painting - sketch lightly first, then you can adjust your mistakes as you go.
The idea is to sketch lines so that people won't see them because they're so light.
So use a light pencil, or charcoal - anything that makes light, wispy lines, and gently sketch.
Just sketch in the rough positions.
Adjust complicated shapes as you go.
It doesn't matter if you make mistakes - you can hardly see them.
You can even re-draw things.

It just doesn't matter if it's lightly sketched.
When you're happy with your rough sketch, go over it with heavier lines.
Use the light sketch lines as a guide.

The light sketch lines will gradually disappear as you go.
Even if you can see some of the light sketch lines when you have finished, don't worry - they add character to the picture, or you can just rub them out.
Here are some more examples.

This picture started out as a sketchy mess...
...and now looks like this.

Try it yourself!