Ever seen those scary "danger" signs, dripping with blood? They work brilliantly on bedroom doors!

You will need:
  • Cardboard box card
  • Paint
  • Black and silver pens
  • Pencil or chalk
  • Sticky tack
First, you need to make a plank of wood that's wide enough to cover your bedroom door. So take a big piece of cardboard box card, and draw a plank shape - wobbly lines with jagged edges.

Then cut it out.
Make another exactly the same, so that they can cross over eachother.
Paint the planks to look like old wood.

Just streak on some different shades of brown paint!
For the gnarled effect, add some knot detail using black pen.
Add nails at either side, by using a silver pen.
You can do as many planks as you like.

Here, Neil has made two to cross over on his door.
How about a skull to really scare people off? Mwahahaha!

Simply draw the head shape on some more cardboard box card!
Carefully cut it out and paint it.

Guaranteed to scare your Gran!
To turn what you've made into a seeping sign, first decide on a warning message.

Write it in capital letters in pencil or chalk across one of the planks.
Put the other pieces to one side for now - things are about to get really gory!

Take some red squeezy paint (we call it blood in a bottle!) and carefully squirt it over the writing, keeping to the lines.
To make the sign seep, tilt it gently before the paint has dried, so that it runs down the plank.

It's a good idea to put some old newspaper underneath to catch any stray drips!
When you're happy with the amount of seeping, lie the plank flat and put it to one side to dry.

Whilst it's drying you can add some blood to your skull as well!
Using the same method, tilt the skull so that the paint runs down its face.

Now you've got all the different parts of the sign to nail together!

Just sticky tack them across your bedroom door when you go out, to frighten people away!
You could try different colours and warning messages...
...or different creepy designs!

Try it yourself!